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Snow Caps

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06.02.16 Philadelphia, PA - Johnny Brenda's w/ Chris Cohen, Strange Parts

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"Forest Parts" from Don't Take Me Back

"Moonbroken Heart" from Moonbreak

"Bend" from Baby Bird


12.09.14 Snow Caps Don't Take Me Back Vinyl Release

The tape is hissing and cracking and recorded over for the tenth time. There are moments where the past can still be heard. We can pretend it's not there or we can think about what it means.

Don't Take Me Back is the third album from Snow Caps, the songwriting project of Andrew Keller (Hermit Thrushes, Jonagold). It's the first album recorded (mostly) with a full band and the most cohesive to date (which isn't good or bad... cohesion is simply a thing!). This is just an unstoppable record that is too sweet and too sincere to not listen to over and over again. Again, the cover art is provided by Emily Royer with additional art by Charlene Richards.

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09.02.12 Snow Caps Tours New York

Snow Caps is preparing to embark on a mini-tour that will take them to five destinations within the great state of New York! Don't miss the chance to hear Andrew's beautiful songs performed on guitar, bass, harp, clarinet, and ukelele.

Snow Caps September 2012


07.03.11 Edible Onion Fest - July 23, 2011

Come support our sister label, Edible Onion, at their first annual label showcase on Saturday, July 23rd at Danger Danger Gallery in West Philadelphia. Hermit Thrushes, Snow Caps, Power Animal and more!

Edible Onion Fest 2011

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Snow Caps Press Photo  Snow Caps Press Photo


Don't Take Me Back by Snow Caps Snow Caps
Don't Take Me Back (2014)
SGMG38 - 12" Vinyl LP

Moments and feelings traced out with deep sensitivity and humility. Plucking of a harp, breath across a reed, the drums hit just beyond the ear and now just feel like a pulse. As the sun sets there is a glow in these songs and they smolder with a quiet intensity that defies explanation. Come sit with us!

Listen to "Forest Parts" from Don't Take Me Back

Snow Caps
Baby Bird Re-Issue (2011)
SGMG15 - 12" Vinyl LP

A re-issue of this strangely classic album! Formerly available only on CD-R, these unique recordings of Andrew Keller's truly beautiful songs are hereby presented on a medium deserving of them. Hear the birds chirping and the drums colliding like never before! An archival format to preserve Baby Bird for posterity!


Snow Caps
Baby Bird (2008)

Baby Bird is an open field with nylon strings ringing and birds chirping. Songs with heavy hearts or light hearts or just heart. This album is a secret glimpse into a bedroom bathed in light and ice cream and pastels. First edition of 100 copies sold out. Second edition of 200 copies almost sold out. A vinyl re-release is in the works!



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Snow Caps Shirt Design Pink  Snow Caps Shirt Design Blue

Snow Caps SHIRT

Designed by Joanna S. Quigley

Pink Shirt: $10.00
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Snow Caps
Moonbreak (2011)
eo 13 - CD

Snow Caps' second full-length album released by Edible Onion in 2011. Beautiful handmade packaging designed by Emily Royer.