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Skinless Boneless Pittsburgh


07.23.12 Muncie, IN - Be Here Now

07.24.12 Chicago, IL - Nowheresville w/ Unmanned Ship, Mines, T-bone

07.26.12 Kalamazoo, Michigan - Victory House

07.28.12 Detroit, MI - Trumbull Plex w/ Break Anchor

08.15.12 Pittsburgh, PA - Garfield Artworks w/ My Dad, Water House

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"Baby Angels" by Skinless Boneless

"Good Highs Bad Buys" by Skinless Boneless


02.04.12 Dean Cercone / Skinless Boneless
Split Tape

February is here, it's cold, we're hanging out inside and listening to tons of awesome music! All the way from scenic Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania comes this, our newest of split cassette tapes.

Dean Cercone's songs sadly echo and flow throughout his side as a shadowy saxophone bellows in the distance. His live performance style (where he plays drums, guitar, sings and manipulates a PA) is beautifully captured here as are his paintings, featured in two different but equally desirable versions of the cover art.

Skinless Boneless are a relative mystery to all. Their sound lives in some strange borderland where Arab on Radar, Nirvana and Captain Beefheart meet. Also it's kinda heavy. Also, it's kinda skuzzy. Also, it's really smart. Basically, that means you can listen to it forever and be happy.

Both sides were recorded to 8-track tape by legendary Pittsburgh engineer, Brian Hecht!

Dean Cercone Skinless Boneless


Dean Cercone / Skinless Boneless
SGMG 21 - C19 Cassette Tape (2012)

The recordings of Pittsburgh's Dean Cercone and Skinless Boneless act as strange and perfect foils to one another on this enlightening cassette tape experience. Dean Cercone is one of this realm's holiest visitors. The instruments he touches speak very special and very secret words directly into the ear of eternity while his actual words come from deep within and immediately sublime when spoken! On the other side, the air-tight compositions of Skinless Boneless burst into being and disappear like seven little matches lit in a row. A blur of drums and a river of curious guitar strings underneath inspired, and possibly beer-fueled, vocals. Two versions of the cover art exist and legend has it that owning both versions allows one to summon forth great elementals from the forest world.

Sold Out!