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Now booking Kate Ferencz / Harmon Butcher tour for April 2015, get in touch if you would like to help set something up!

Dean Cercone

04.19.15 Brooklyn, NY - Tarot Society Gallery w/ Eartheater, Breanna Barbara, Bradley Bailey, Songs for the Spirits
04.23.15 Brooklyn, NY - Rough Trade NYC w/ Clear Plastic Masks, Las Rosas

Ember Schrag

04.13.15 New York, NY - The Living Room w/ Hans Chew, Dave Heumann

Evil Sword

04.10.15 Philadelphia, PA - First Unitarian Church w/ Dan Deacon, Prince Rama, Ben O'Brien

Harmon Butcher

04.15.15 Philadelphia, PA - You're Sorry Zine Release at House Named Virtute w/ Cynthia Schemmer, Bike Crash, Anybody but the Cops, Robyn Campbell (facebook)

Idiot Forever

05.01.15 Philadelphia, PA - A House Named Virtue w/ The Guests, Speed Trials, What Nerve

Kate Ferencz

03.07.15 Philadelphia, PA - Dying Alone Tape Release at Magic Pictures w/ Hallowed Bells, Flyherder
03.31.15 Philadelphia, PA - A House Named Virtue w/ Couples Counseling, Little Spoon, Matt Dermond

Liv Carrow

04.22.15 Greenfield, MA - John Deux Records w/ Footings, Mail the Horse, Bunny's a Swine
04.23.15 Hudson, NY - Spotty Dog Books w/ Footings, Mail the Horse
05.22.15 Hudson, NY - Half Moon w/ Blood Warrior, Death Vessel

No One and the Somebodies

04.17.15 Haverford, PA - Lunt Basement w/ Lantern, Old Table
04.18.25 Bronx, NY - Carl Sage Inn w/ Big Neck Police, Linear Downfall, Laura Louise

Scott Churchman

04.17.15 Philadelphia, PA - Bobby's (2301 Frankford Ave) w/ Telepathic, Honey Radar

Snow Caps

04.09.15 Philadelphia, PA - A House Named Virtue w/ Richard Album, Slashed Tires, Victory Shoes, RIP Stickers
04.25.15 Philadelphia, PA - Semiperfect Issue Five Release (email for address) w/ readings by Rachel Ann Brickner, Robyn Campbell, Cynthia Schemmer
05.06.15 Philadelphia, PA - The Great Indoors w/ Generifus, Fraternal Twin, Free Cake For Every Creature

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