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SGMG41 Harmon Butcher - You're Sorry (2015)
SGMG39 Kate Ferencz - Dying Alone (2015)
SGMG38 Snow Caps - Don't Take Me Back (2014)
SGMG37 Hermit Thrushes - Potsherd Gold Meadow (2014)
SGMG36 Liv Carrow - Pile of Needles (2014)
SGMG35 Harmon Butcher - I'm Ready to Feel (2014)
SGMG34 Idiot Forever - Boi Boi Insane (2014)
SGMG33 Evil Sword - More Witches (2013)
SGMG32 Dean Cercone - Juggling Hot Coals (2013)
SGMG31 Actual Pearls - Sadden Lip Broken Tear (2014)
SGMG30 Zine Winter 2013 (2013)
SGMG29 Scott Churchman - Ignore That Noise (2013)
SGMG28 Harmon Butcher - Free Pentagram Rides (2013)
SGMG27 The Ocean Floor - Falling Star Castle (2012)
SGMG26 Evil Sword - Flesh Eating Mold Will Devour You (2012)
SGMG25 Ember Schrag - The Sewing Room (2012)
SGMG24 No One and The Somebodies - Numbers (2012)
SGMG23 Kate Ferencz - Dumb Hearts Dumb Flowers (2011)
SGMG22 Ghost Light - Awful Feelings (2012)
SGMG21 Dean Cercone / Skinless Boneless (2012)
SGMG20 Charmaine's Names Cassette Tape + Zine (2012)
SGMG19 Hermit Thrushes - Mystery Ocean (2011)
SGMG16 Caring Practice / Your Children Is Beautiful (2011)
SGMG15 Snow Caps - Baby Bird (Vinyl Re-Issue) (2011)
SGMG14 Folklore - Home Church Road (2011)
SGMG13 Hermit Thrushes - Wooded Blankets (2010)
SGMG12 Maxi Ding Dong & the Wee Wees - Put the Money in My Dick (2011)
SGMG11 Hermit Thrushes - Good Morning Conception Bed (2010)
SGMG10 Little Teeth / Motorcycle Maus (2010)
SGMG09 David Liebe Hart & Adam Papagan / Power Animal (2010)
SGMG07 Scott Churchman - Scott Churchman (2010)
SGMG06 Reading Rainbow - Mystical Participation (2009)
SGMG05 Kate Ferencz - Natural History Museum (2009)
SGMG04 Hermit Thrushes - Slight Fountain (2009)
SGMG03 Br'er / Hermit Thrushes (2008)
SGMG02 Snow Caps - Baby Bird (2008)
SGMG01 Hermit Thrushes - Benaki (2008)


One Inch Buttons
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Snow Caps Shirt


Snow Caps - Moonbreak (2011)
Kate Ferencz - Worldbridger (2010)
Scott Churchman - S/T (2008)


Harmon Butcher You're Sorry

Harmon Butcher
You're Sorry (2015)
SGMG41 - Zine
48 pages / black + white / color of cover may vary / 5.5" x 8.5"

A sad group of tales that solemnly vow to be shocking, frightening, and fantastic....yet all 100% true! Butcher's critically acclaimed words are deftly paired with award winning drawings from Kate Ferencz in this, the bleakest volume of text currently in print.

"Poor, poor Harmon Butcher," comments T. Jones (staff member at Single Girl Married Girl).

Page samples (click to enlarge):
Front Cover Sample 1  



Kate Ferencz Dying Alone

Kate Ferencz
Dying Alone (2015)
SGMG39 - Cassette Tape

Thoughtful signals coming through then fading: scratching, creaking, stopping, dying. Now a drum machine, now some other weird thing, now singing the truest words ever uttered. Vastly different examinations of the ends of things!

Listen to "Godless" from Dying Alone


Snow Caps
Don't Take Me Back (2014)
SGMG38 - 12" Vinyl LP

Moments and feelings traced out with deep sensitivity and humility. Plucking of a harp, breath across a reed, the drums hit just beyond the ear and now just feel like a pulse. As the sun sets there is a glow in these songs and they smolder with a quiet intensity that defies explanation. Come sit with us!

Listen to "Forest Parts" from Don't Take Me Back


Hermit Thrushes
Potsherd Gold Meadow (2014)
SGMG37 - C24 Cassette Tape

Digging through this dirt in search of your bones or your tools, we have a little hope that you won't be completely forgotten. A jagged keyboard, the pounding of a drum. Recreated lives shimmer in the light in these songs of curiosity and unknown emotional provenance!

Listen to "Ivory Nothing" from Potsherd Gold Meadow


Liv Carrow Pile of Needles

Liv Carrow
Pile of Needles (2014)
SGMG36 - Cassette Tape + CD

Groups of moments and feelings and places, perfectly rendered. A sharp voice cuts through each and makes you want to sing too. Fine-drawn songs, bare and powerful!

Listen to "Leaves" from Pile of Needles

Cassette Tape: $6.00
CD: $8.00

I'm Ready to Feel by Harmon Butcher Harmon Butcher
I'm Ready To Feel (2014)
SGMG35 - zine
64 pages / black + white / color of cover may vary / 5.5" x 8.5"

A bleak journey through the tattered rubble of one alleged "author's" mind. Certainly a troubled soul, probably a danger. Butcher's words are like a box-cutter: crude and just barely effective. The saving grace of this otherwise pitiable release is the plethora of sensitive, wonderful drawings by one Kate Ferencz. Also, the unmitigated truth is pretty good.

"It's possible that the words in this book carry some meaning," remarks Andrew Keller (staff member at Single Girl Married Girl).

Page samples (click to enlarge):
Front Cover Sample 1  


Idiot Forever Boi Boi Insane

Idiot Forever
Boi Boi Insane (2014)
SGMG34 - Cassette Tape + Zine

See the crumbling bricks, hear the train coming but it's a fuzzy bass noise and now there's a beat, too. The person sitting over there has headphones on but all you can hear are clicky hi-hats. A sound made from all the sounds!

Listen to "Pretty Soon, Pretty Sun" from Boi Boi Insane

Zine page samples (click to enlarge):

The first ten online orders of Boi Boi Insane will be rewarded with a free one-of-a-kind drawing by its creator, Josh Mackie!

Cassette Tape + Zine: $10.00

More Witches
Evil Sword
More Witches (2013)
SGMG33 - C25 Cassette Tape + Art Book
128 pages / black + white / 2.5" x 4"

The forgotten mystery of the past. A dim cloud lit from behind by the moonlight, the whispering in the distance. Who is the king? The king is dead! That is why the drums beat so. Where are we? There is no way of knowing but let us tie a ribbon to this tree. Alternately lumbering stiffly or dancing in a trance. A beast gnawing on a bloody stump!

Ten songs perfectly complemented by a generous art book featuring the work of Kate Ferencz and Ben Furgal. A well of grim and gruesome drawings, collages, and photographs await whatever soul brave enough to let this book into their home.

Listen to "The Golden Toad" from More Witches

Art book page samples (click to enlarge):



Sold Out!

Dean Cercone
Juggling Hot Coals (2013)
SGMG32 - Cassette Tape

A shaker shaking in a shaky way to the beat of a bruised drum. A voice or a false voice? It's an echo so that you're sure when the heart is crying or when the mind is. Okay, now we're all part of one feeling and it's a hypnotic thing so why don't we embrace it in a trance or in sober reality as the door to a big world of sorts?

Listen to "Reflection of You" from Juggling Hot Coals


Actual Pearls Sadden Lip Broken Tear Actual Pearls
Sadden Lip Broken Tear (2014)
SGMG31 - Cassette Tape

A strange flow of collapsing canned instruments, catchy malfunctions, and unsettling vignettes. Four voices bellow in no one's language. Dwelling in that unreal place where the line between organic and inorganic is only slightly blurred. Bursts of brightness! Dark pulling!

Listen to "Uco Horn" from Sadden Lip Broken Tear
Listen to "Keppler" from Sadden Lip Broken Tear
Listen to "Oh Trem Sa" from Sadden Lip Broken Tear


Sold Out!

Zine Winter 2013

Zine Winter 2013
SGMG30 - Sixteen Zines

Plants and animals alike go to sleep in the winter, more so than usual. Sixteen shining examples of resistance to the tyranny of the cold. Printed on paper, contained in sub-magazine size booklets / chapbooks / 'zines.' All the emotions are here, folks. Limited quantities available because life is unfair!

Sold Out!

Ignore That Noise Scott Churchman Scott Churchman
Ignore That Noise (2013)
SGMG29 - c31 Cassette Tape

Steady and spare, with silence hanging closely. A rock thrown in a lake ripples out as a crease. The feelings are unreal and detached and deep and this string is for brooding, this drum is heavy. The songs are perfect and hold your body like a coat. Winter is always here!

Listen to "Anna" from Ignore That Noise
Listen to "Above The Sky" from Ignore That Noise


Free Pentagram Rides by Harmon Butcher

Harmon Butcher
Free Pentagram Rides (2013)
SGMG28 - zine
40 pages / black + white / color of cover may vary / 5.5" x 8.5"

A superb collection of short stories from America North's preeminent, self-proclaimed nonfiction author. Stories that baffle, amuse, and challenge the mind; all (purported to be) true! Replete with a healthy amount of black and white drawings by Kate Ferencz!

"Certainly a literary event of some kind," says Y. Kourmadas (staff member at Single Girl Married Girl).

Page samples (click to enlarge):



The Ocean Floor Falling Star Castle

The Ocean Floor
Falling Star Castle (2012)
SGMG27 - C41 Cassette Tape

Exceedingly ornate, immaculate inlays carved from bone and made into sound. Whimsical worlds visited for not-long-enough-to-be-perfectly-satisfied so one must listen again and again. Gigantic home orchestra cycling through: so-nice Wurlitzer, crunching sounds, honey-sweet violin, impeccable vocal arrangements, repeat. A most expansive and astounding patchwork masterpiece, fully realized and captured in time!

One dollar from each Falling Star Castle cassette purchase will be donated to, a global movement dedicated to solving the climate crisis.

Listen to "Big Screen TV" from Falling Star Castle


Evil Sword

Evil Sword
Flesh Eating Mold Will Devour You (2012)
SGMG26 - C11 Cassette Tape

Wooly bass, skeletal drums, frenzied vocals, and lilting pennywhistle tell four terrifying secrets this world is hiding. You'll want to curl up in a ball and cover your ears, but it's no use. You'll soon be under their spell and then your every action will be at their behest. Let us all march in time with these hypnotic incantations from a darker realm!

Listen to "Fairies" from Evil Sword


Ember Schrag The Sewing Room

Ember Schrag
The Sewing Room (2012)

Sparsely decorated songs about family, honesty and memories are draped in an anachronistic gauze as characters and language from the Old Testament wend through the barren landscapes of western Nebraska. A lap steel swelling up and a cello scratching. Stark, painful and comforting like only something really, really real can be.

Listen to "La Maria" from The Sewing Room


No One and the Somebodies Numbers

No One and The Somebodies
Numbers (2012)
SGMG24 - 12" Vinyl LP

A veritable bounty of alarming social and personal realities that somehow come out as immediate and playful. Guitar skronk and horn arrangements, news clips and piano. Another step further into their warm, insular world of understanding, outrage, and sensitivity. What is life without caring?

Listen to "(Humans) Being Human (Beings)" by No One and the Somebodies


Kate Ferencz Dumb Hearts Dumb Flowers

Kate Ferencz
Dumb Hearts Dumb Flowers (2011)
SGMG23 - C31 Cassette Tape

More staggering, jaw-dropping worldly insights transmuted into the most true and real music. All the serious child-feelings that make people nervous become booming drums and crashing cymbals. All of the fun and cookies that make people happy might be... A fake marimba? An organ? In the most tuneful way possible, Kate tackles every tough subject from Adolf Hitler's watercolor paintings to people who don't dress up for costume parties. Eleven more songs that somehow make more sense than anything else in the this world.

Listen to "Barking and Fighting" from Dumb Hearts Dumb Flowers

Sold Out!

Ghost Light Awful Feelings

Ghost Light
Awful Feelings (2012)
SGMG22 - C16 Cassette Tape

Careful sounds slowing down and asking questions. Banjo and glockenspiel and drums beating. A steady pulse. Melodies that are sincere and live in the heart. That means catchy. Cold words echoing off of bare floors into caverns and shadow places in every corner of thought. A sad but hopeful world!

Listen to "Your Caves" from Awful Feelings

Sold Out!

Dean Cercone Skinless Boneless

Dean Cercone / Skinless Boneless
Split Cassette (2012)
SGMG 21 - C19 Cassette Tape

The recordings of Pittsburgh's Dean Cercone and Skinless Boneless act as strange and perfect foils to one another on this enlightening cassette tape experience. Dean Cercone is one of this realm's holiest visitors. The instruments he touches speak very special and very secret words directly into the ear of eternity while his actual words come from deep within and immediately sublime when spoken! On the other side, the air-tight compositions of Skinless Boneless burst into being and disappear like seven little matches lit in a row. A blur of drums and a river of curious guitar strings underneath inspired, and possibly beer-fueled, vocals. Two versions of the cover art exist and legend has it that owning both versions allows one to summon forth great elementals from the forest world.


Charmaine's Names (2012)
SGMG20 - C13 Cassette Tape + Zine

Infinitely sexual, socially conscious, primitive lounge music. Deftly executed 4-track compositions become a gold chain, tape hiss and noise are a lush velvet! Charmaine delivers a bevy of insights, intimations and innuendos with a robust machismo that is at once shameless and enthralling. Deny it now, come crawling back later. This is charming, confounding and, above all, inescapable.

Also available with an accompanying zine created by visual arts wildcard Bonnie Brenda Scott. The loud sights and bright sounds resultant from this combination are certifiably somewhat guaranteed to figuratively blow one's mind over and over, repeatedly, ad infinitum. The zine is fantastic and, thus, in quite short supply so hesitate not!

Cassette Tape + Zine: $8.00
Cassette Tape Only: $4.00

Hermit Thrushes Mystery Ocean

Hermit Thrushes
Mystery Ocean (2011)
SGMG19 - CD + 12" VINYL LP

A complex textural pastiche that quickly cycles through sounds, ideas and locations in a baker's dozen of tiny, unlikely art songs. Radio signals and ambient noise bleed through in layers as sad dreams or bad dreams or no dreams squeeze your hand in the dark. Existential anarchism, the sacred nature of food and escapism realized.

Listen to "Ancient Wing" from Mystery Ocean

CD: $7.00
Vinyl: $10.00

Your Children Is Beautiful Caring Practice Split

Caring Practice / Your Children is Beautiful
Split Cassette (2011)
SGMG16 - c22 cassette tape

The rarest and most creative youth of Northeast Philly! The somber, summer-sad Caring Practice tunes hint slightly at the band's Power Animal affiliation and somewhere a breeze ripples through the trees above you. A whistling in the shade just out of sight. Your Children Is Beautiful have a disarming sincerity and a quiet contrast in their music that makes them bittersweet and always catchy. Piecing together years of our lives through these delicate achievements.


Snow Caps Baby Bird Vinyl Re-release Snow Caps
Baby Bird Re-Issue (2011)
SGMG15 - 12" Vinyl LP

A re-issue of this strangely classic album! Formerly available only on CD-R, these unique recordings of Andrew Keller's truly beautiful songs are hereby presented on a medium deserving of them. Hear the birds chirping and the drums colliding like never before! An archival format to preserve Baby Bird for posterity!

Listen to "Bend"from Baby Bird!


Home Church Road (2011)
SGMG14 - CD + 12" VINYL LP

The third album from Elf Power alumnus Jimmy Hughes brings us into a place where people are gone and animals are figuring out how to repeat our past triumphs and mistakes. Trumpets and clarinets add their voices to a nest of fuzzy guitars and familiar melodies in this newest of stories. Ghost songs and bird songs!

Listen to "The Deer " from Home Church Road

CD: $7.00
Vinyl: $10.00

Hermit Thrushes
Wooded Blankets (2010)
SGMG13 - C10 cassette tape

Dozens of drums disappearing and reappearing, sour keyboards and noise guitars. Songs of longing and what could be regret. A new tape and a new tide pulls this music into a different but recognizable place. Spider notes and people lost! in the land they were born in.

The brown cover is the first pressing! (100 copies) SOLD OUT
The blue cover is the second pressing! (200 copies)

Listen to "You're Gone, You're Gone" from Wooded Blankets


Maxi Ding-Dong & the Wee Wees
Put The Money in My Dick (2011)
SGMG12 - C11 cassette tape

An anonymous package from Wellington, New Zealand yielded this curious album that bursts with a strange catchiness and an unwillingness to settle down. The music is something like sampling a few seconds of 20 different Prince songs in a row and having a baby singing a melody over them. If that doesn't sound good, I don't know what does. This is a secret and mysterious pop marvel that needs to be further explored!

Listen to "Rug" from Put the Money In My Dick


Hermit Thrushes
Good Morning Conception Bed (2010)
SGMG11 - C5 cassette tape

The A-side is an intricate fingerpicking song recorded on a dirty old 4-track over and over and over again over the course of 24 hours with the help of a home-made chicken/whistle, an antiquated electronic signal generator and some maracas. There are 13 different versions of this tape and 2-5 copies of each one with a grand total of 46 copies. The B-side is a spare landscape populated only by disembodied sections of the song played backwards (as a natural by-product of 4-track recording). This is high-concept, people!


Little Teeth / Motorcycle Maus
Split Cassette (2010)
SGMG10 - cassette tape

This tape combines two drastically different bands from opposite coasts and showcases one long song each. Motorcycle Maus is a dark pulse of sadness and frustration. A powerful, black wave on a midnight ocean. Little Teeth are an impossibly thoughtful expressive power; they are gifted artists and manic self-recorders. A banjo on a country porch, a submarine's radio feeding back and inhuman vocal cascading, screaming, near-crying. This is very heavy stuff and your life shouldn't be without it!

Sold Out!

David Liebe Hart & Adam Papagan / Power Animal
Split Cassette (2010)
SGMG09 - C15 cassette tape

David Liebe Hart made his fame and fortune as a popular troubadour/puppeteer on the television show, Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job and has long delighted audiences, young and old, as a Los Angeles public access personality. On this tape, he and his musical partner, Adam Papagan, are paired with Power Animal, a band of family and friends that seem to tap into some beautiful common spring of emotion and memory with every xylophone hit, every voice sample, every mysterious keyboard texture. Power Animal show off a new song, rework some old material and integrate new voice samples (of David Liebe Hart, in fact) to help create this fantastic cassette that will be popping up in every 1993 Ford Taurus on your block. This mind- and genre-bending tape is 100% guaranteed to save any dying plants in your garden.


Sold Out!


Tape loops, upright bass, human voices all spinning around slowly, slowly in a sad collection of songs like the heavy snows of so many winters passed. Beautiful melodies whispering around and disappearing in punk-length vignettes that have more feeling and care than longer compositions ever could. Raw and real but secret and wonderful!

Listen to "These Kids" from Scott Churchman


Reading Rainbow
Mystical Participation (2009)
SGMG06 - 12" Vinyl LP

Words from previous lives crack and bloom through garage-y guitars and broken microphones on this amazing sliver of vinyl. Loud songs about spirit animals and nature wrap around one's ears and confound the listener as would a Cherokee Velvet Underground. Spiritual reverberations!

Listen to "I'll Follow You" from Mystical Participation


Kate Ferencz
Natural History Museum (2009)
SGMG05 - C32 cassette tape

Nikola Tesla, werewolves and self-help manuals stir together in a prehistoric world where guitars sound gross and words are always fast. Peter Pan is usually played by a girl, right? Kate Ferencz is Peter Pan stuck in The Dark Crystal. Does that make sense? It's hard to keep one's wits when discussing this young lady. Endlessly charming, equally off-putting music from New York, New Orleans and beyond. First edition of 100 copies sold out.

Listen to "Natural History Museum" from Natural History Museum





Hermit Thrushes
Slight Fountain (2009)
SGMG04 (JNR36) - CD + 12" vinyl LP

A big, dark tower of noise and field recordings mixed perfectly with dead animals, life on a boat and stories of impossible love and loneliness. Delicate vocals are buried over and over again by jittery guitar parts, warm reeds and baffling drums. Also available on vinyl (courtesy of Slipshod Mucus Kiss!) with two bonus tracks.

Listen to "Black Cat " from Slight Fountain

CD: $7.00
Vinyl: $10.00

Br'er / Hermit Thrushes (2008)
SGMG03 -split 7" VINYL

Br'er are boo-hoo meets woo-hoo. Hermit Thrushes are a cup of coffee filtered through a rainbow beard. This split is limited to 500 copies and is ALMOST SOLD OUT Get it fast or forever kicketh thineself in the behind. Did I mention they have full-color center labels?


Snow Caps
Baby Bird (2008)

Baby Bird is an open field with nylon strings ringing and birds chirping. Songs with heavy hearts or light hearts or just heart. This album is a secret glimpse into a bedroom bathed in light and ice cream and pastels. First edition of 100 copies sold out. Second edition of 200 copies almost sold out. A vinyl re-release is in the works!

Listen to "Bend" from Baby Bird



Hermit Thrushes
Benaki (2008)

A bizarre mix of field recordings, demo tapes, folk music and home-studio recordings, Benaki has been receiving critical praise for several hundred years and will continue to burn bright long after the life-span of the human race on this green/blue globe. Horns and reeds, puppy dog seeds.

Listen to "Fourth" from Benaki





Click to enlarge design:
Snow Caps Shirt Design Pink  Snow Caps Shirt Design Blue

Snow Caps SHIRT

Designed by Joanna S. Quigley

Pink Shirt: $10.00
Blue Shirt: $10.00

Slight Fountain T-Shirt

Designed by Emily Royer


Snow Caps Moonbreak

Snow Caps
Moonbreak (2011)
eo 13 - CD

Listen to "Moonbroken Heart" from Moonbreak



Listen to "Leave You Alone" from Worldbridger



Listen to "Geese" from Scott Churchman