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Power Animal

Power Animal



04.02.16 Philadelphia, PA - Bourbon & Branch w/ Aphra, Baby Brains


07.03.11 Edible Onion Fest - July 23, 2011

Come support our sister label, Edible Onion, at their first annual label showcase on Saturday, July 23rd at Danger Danger Gallery in West Philadelphia. Hermit Thrushes, Snow Caps, Power Animal and more!

Edible Onion Fest 2011

Power Animal Split David Liebe Hart & Adam Papagan / Power Animal
SGMG09 - split C15 cassette tape (2010)

David Liebe Hart made his fame and fortune as a popular troubadour/puppeteer on the television show, Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job and has long delighted audiences, young and old, as a Los Angeles public access personality. On this tape, he and his musical partner, Adam Papagan, are paired with Power Animal, a band of family and friends that seem to tap into some beautiful common spring of emotion and memory with every xylophone hit, every voice sample, every mysterious keyboard texture. Power Animal show off a new song, rework some old material and integrate new voice samples (of David Liebe Hart, in fact) to help create this fantastic cassette that will be popping up in every 1993 Ford Taurus on your block. This mind- and genre-bending tape is 100% guaranteed to save any dying plants in your garden.


Sold Out!