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No One and The Somebodies


06.27.15 Brooklyn, NY - Shea Stadium w/ Shwervon!, King Missle, Gold

06.29.15 Brooklyn, NY - Silent Barn w/ Palberta, Blood Club, Ora Iso

06.30.15 Philadelphia, PA - LAVA Space w/ Robyn Campbell, Palberta, Hermit Thrushes

07.02.15 Harrisonburg, VA - The Golden Pony w/ Palberta, Malatese, Buck Gooter

08.23.15 Kutztown, PA - Spaghetti House w/ Cave Cricket, Turbosleaze, Ghost Dads, Skateboard

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"(Humans) Being Human (Beings)" from Numbers


07.26.12 No One and the Somebodies Numbers Album Release

The long-awaited third album from beloved Bronx-based brothers, No One and the Somebodies, has finally found its way to us and we couldn't be more happy about sharing it with you! For those who have followed the four amazing Yankou brothers for any period of their ten year history as a band, this is undoubtably a rapturous day. For others who have lived without NOATS thus far, don't you think it's time you found out what all of the ceaseless gossip is about? For others still who despise gossip, music journalism, and the nattering men and women about town, rest assured that there is more than enough amazing and strange and real music on this album to fulfill your deepest desires and curiosities.

The limited edition Numbers record comes in a hand printed sleeve with a free digital download and is now available for sale in our store as well as directly from Brian, Steve, Kevin, and Bobby at any of the stops along their upcoming tour with Cave Cricket.

No One and the Somebodies Numbers

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No One and The Somebodies Numbers


No One and The Somebodies
Numbers (2012)
SGMG24 - 12" Vinyl LP + Digital Download

A veritable bounty of alarming social and personal realities that somehow come out as immediate and playful. Guitar skronk and horn arrangements, news clips and piano. Another step further into their warm, insular world of understanding, outrage, and sensitivity. What is life without caring?