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Kate Ferencz


01.30.16 Philadelphia, PA - Space 1026 w/ Height Keech, Gavin Riley Smoke Machine

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"Godless" from Dying Alone

"Barking and Fighting" from Dumb Hearts Dumb Flowers

"Leave You Alone" from World Bridger

"Natural History Museum" from Natural History Museum


04.14.15 Harmon Butcher You're Sorry Zine Release

Exactly one year after the release of I'm Ready to Feel, we wish to announce yet another publication from that famous litero-visual duo, Harmon Butcher and Kate Ferencz. You're Sorry offers a third installment of proof that this pair is indeed the intellectual powerhouse that the Wall Streak Journal proclaims them to be.

Featuring lush single-color drawings or lush single-color text on nearly every page, this book is considered a must-have for aficionados. If you've ever wondered what it's like to have problems or if you've ever wondered what sad people think or if you've ever thought about life or punishment: this is the book for you.

Harmon Butcher You're Sorry

03.10.15 Kate Ferencz Dying Alone Cassette Release

Winter is a fine time. It's colder than normal, it's darker too. It's supposed to be that way. The plants and the animals all retreat to somewhere warmer so they can think about what they want to do in the new year. But they also have to think about all the stuff that's already happened, and a lot of it is really bad.

Dying Alone is the sixth album from Kate Ferencz. It's an album of introspection and yeah, it's actually mostly really dark. That's okay. Or it's better than okay because it's important to spend some time thinking about the difficult things.

Kate Ferencz Dying Alone

03.02.15 Music Video & Preview of Dying Alone by Kate Ferencz

This moment is exactly our favorite and most proper moment to announce that Kate Ferencz has a new album called Dying Alone. The release show will be this Saturday, March 7th at Magic Pictures in Philadelphia with Flyherder and Hallowed Bells.

Additionally, Kate created this amazing video for the song "Everything's Always Breaking" which we simply couldn't recommend more.

Even more additionally, Kate Ferencz and (an affiliate of) Harmon Butcher will be touring at the end of April in the northeastern portion of the United States. Parents, lock up your show-going offspring!

04.15.14 Harmon Butcher I'm Ready To Feel Zine Release

After months of more-or-less careful planning and a few decisions, we are rightly prepared to announce the latest from Harmon Butcher. I'm Ready to Feel is a collection of remarkably adequate stories that the reader is conditionally guaranteed to find, at least, satisfactory! It's difficult to write about someone's writing so perhaps we'll leave it at this quote direct from Harmon Butcher: "Stop yelling. I'm not yelling."

And to tickle the eyeballs (not recommended), Butcher's world is once again fleshed out by the fantastic Kate Ferencz. Kate's splendid drawings lend sheen to the banal, cohesion to the meandering and inchoate, and a veneer of legitimacy for this otherwise illegitimate scoundrel. Buy it or not! No rush!

I'm Ready to Feel by Harmon Butcher

10.01.13 Evil Sword More Witches Cassette + Art Book Release

We have been marching through these woods for long enough and -- was that a branch cracking underfoot or old bones? It's getting too dark to see. It's getting too cold to move. Do we dare trust these mysterious guides?

They are called Evil Sword. The document, More Witches: a 10-song album in the form of a C25 cassette tape and a (roughly) cassette-sized art book. The songs are nothing short of shocking, fantastical, and bizarre. The images in the book are culled from the darkest recesses of the strange and arcane.

Evil Sword is comprised of Kate Ferencz, Ben Furgal, Andrew Maher and Yianni Kourmadas (Hermit Thrushes). The recordings include musical visitations (that is, vocal performances) from Scott Churchman, Andrew Keller (Snow Caps), and Amalia Wilson. The cover of More Witches features our generation's most powerful witch (and a poet of great import and wisdom), CAConrad.

Evil Sword More Witches

Evil Sword More Witches

02.27.13 Free Pentagram Rides Zine Release

It is with words, appropriately, that we introduce our first ever literary release, Free Pentagram Rides by Harmon Butcher. Butcher's words dance like fire and his images also dance in that way. Find out for yourself what everyone is talking about! That's not to say that people are talking about this book, it was merely an encouraging suggestion to remain informed.

For the visually inclined, Free Pentagram Rides is also also a treasure trove of exclusive drawings by the ever-fascinating Kate Ferencz. This instant classic will be available for a limited time only so act quickly and verify its merit with your hard-earned dollar!

Free Pentagram Rides

10.29.12 Evil Sword Cassette EP Release

As the season for spooking is upon us, and everyone has grown more accustomed to seeing ghouls and ghosts in the streets, it seems like the appropriate time to announce the release of the new Evil Sword EP!

On this debut release, veteran Single Girl Married Girl artist Kate Ferencz is joined by a cast of supernatural associates on four delightfully bone-chilling tracks that you will be howling along with for years to come. But this is no mere holiday treat (or trick), for Evil Sword works hard year-round building their army of hypnotized followers and devoted fiends. We are frightened and appalled to welcome the utterly terrifying Evil Sword into our family!

Evil Sword Cassette

12.06.11 Kate Ferencz Dumb Hearts Dumb Flowers Album Release

For everyone waiting with bated breath on Kate Ferencz's every word, consider your seemingly unquenchable thirst for new music temporarily quelled!

Dumb Hearts Dumb Flowers is Kate Ferencz's splendid, noisy, percussive fifth album and is just as strange and fantastic as her previous works but uses a very different palette of sounds; drum machines, car alarms, what sounds like a less-than-Casio roto-tom setting on a mystery keyboard, etc. Of course, there are still the familiar shimmering bells of yore and Kate's unwavering voice delivering powerful truth!

As on her last Single Girl Married Girl release, Kate's profusion of lyrics are somehow included in the liner notes and this time around there is a complementary digital download included with the cassette. A lesser public speaker might say something like, "Pinch me, I'm dreaming."

Kate Ferencz Dumb Hearts Dumb Flowers

06.19.11 Kate Ferencz: Three Spirits
June 23 - July 10, 2011

We are so excited to announce Kate Ferencz's upcoming solo sculpture show at Magic Pictures in Philadelphia! The exhibition, titled Three Spirits, will showcase three gigantic, fantastical creatures inspired by the spirits of Christmas Past, Present, and Future. Fans of Kate's music will find her art to be similarly playful yet frightening, otherworldly yet deeply empathetic, and a real treat to behold! An opening celebration will be held at the gallery this Thursday, June 23rd, from 6-9pm.

Magic Pictures is located at 618 Hoffman Street in South Philadelphia. If you can't make the opening, the exhibition will run from June 23 - July 10, 2011, please email to arrange a time to visit.

Kate Ferencz Three Spirits

Press photos (click to enlarge):
Kate Ferencz Press Photo  Kate Ferencz Press Photo  Kate Ferencz Press Photo  Kate Ferencz Press Photo  Kate Ferencz Press Photo

"Kate Ferencz is the proof that diy is anything but the opposite of talent. With their punky voice plays she produced infectious lo-fi people on his guitar, or rather, on whatever is at hand. The floor, chairs or empty bins can be easily transformed into the central characters in Kate's musical explorations. A creative energy that make her concerts to unique events that no one should miss. Kate has grown up listening to The Cure and other Britpop but when this New Yorker himself takes tons smacks the American indie from every little pore. Kate is a little Le Tigre, and a little bit Kimya Calvin K, but above all she is herself. And no one is as Kate. Someone wrote about her that you love her so much that you please allow her to skule babysit but that the children will grow up a bit odd. This is exactly how we want it." google-translated from


Kate Ferencz Dying Alone

Kate Ferencz
Dying Alone (2015)
SGMG39 - Cassette Tape

Thoughtful signals coming through then fading: scratching, creaking, stopping, dying. Now a drum machine, now some other weird thing, now singing the truest words ever uttered. Vastly different examinations of the ends of things!


Kate Ferencz Dumb Hearts Dumb Flowers

Kate Ferencz
Dumb Hearts Dumb Flowers (2011)
SGMG23 - C31 Cassette Tape

More staggering, jaw-dropping worldly insights transmuted into the most true and real music. All the serious child-feelings that make people nervous become booming drums and crashing cymbals. All of the fun and cookies that make people happy might be... A fake marimba? An organ? In the most tuneful way possible, Kate tackles every tough subject from Adolf Hitler's watercolor paintings to people who don't dress up for costume parties. Eleven more songs that somehow make more sense than anything else in the this world.

Sold Out!

Kate Ferencz
Natural History Museum (2009)
SGMG05 - C32 cassette tape

Nikola Tesla, werewolves and self-help manuals stir together in a prehistoric world where guitars sound gross and words are always fast. Peter Pan is usually played by a girl, right? Kate Ferencz is Peter Pan stuck in The Dark Crystal. Does that make sense? It's hard to keep one's wits when discussing this young lady. Endlessly charming, equally off-putting music from New York, New Orleans and beyond. First edition of 100 copies sold out.




Kate made this to prepare for a show in Sweden! The last song "Leave You Alone" is about digging up dead bodies! Kate actually digs up dead animals and makes things out of their bones and skin! There's another song about Halloween costumes, too!




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