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02.24.16 Queens, NY - Trans Pecos w/ Guerilla Toss, Big Neck Police, Banned Books

02.27.16 Philadelphia, PA - Hong Kong Garden w/ Banned Books, Shimmer, Shadow Band, Profit Lust

03.19.16 Philadelphia, PA - Potsherd Gold Meadow Vinyl Release at Space 1026 w/ Palberta, Radon Chong, Rachel Adler

04.20.16 Philadelphia, PA - Lava Space w/ Stephen Steinbrink, Cynthia Ann, Honey Radar

05.28.16 Philadelphia, PA - Space 1026 w/ Cloud Becomes Your Hand, Old Maybe, Jepeto Solutions

Audio:  (right click to download)

"Ivory Nothing" from Potsherd Gold Meadow

"Ancient Wing" from Mystery Ocean

"You're Gone, You're Gone" from Wooded Blankets

"Black Cat" from Slight Fountain

"Fourth" from Benaki


02.26.16 Potsherd Gold Meadow On Vinyl From Least Records

Hermit Thrushes' most recent album, Potsherd Gold Meadow, has just been released on Least Records, a short-run vinyl only label curated by Eric Slick of Dr. Dog and Jethro Waters.

You can stream the album in full from Impose Magazine and order it online from Least Records.

Hermit Thrushes Potsherd Gold Meadow


10.07.14 Hermit Thrushes Potsherd Gold Meadow Release & Tour

You're back in the museum and every object brings you a dull pain. Is it fair? They're all trapped, taken from different worlds and different times and they're squeezed into the same NOW that you live in. They're speaking, all at once, into the future. But is there a way to speak back? Into the past?

Potsherd Gold Meadow, the fourth full-length album by Hermit Thrushes, is available now on cassette tape with accompanying artwork by longtime visual collaborator, Emily Royer. The album's mix of noises, field recordings, and proper songs (recorded with Dan Angel and James Ryskalchick at the Sex Dungeon in West Philadelphia) point towards that difficult and unknowable position we all occupy.

Potsherd Gold Meadow Cassette


11.02.13 Hermit Thrushes November Tour

Yes, it's that special season where touring seems like a fine idea! And so, without much cause other than that of selfish determination to travel, share, and improve, we find our flagship band Hermit Thrushes visiting some places that some people love best! For anyone keeping track, if one were to segment the year 2013 into two equal parts, this would roughly mirror the February tour'd be bigger/longer? Fun house mirror?


02.19.12 Hermit Thrushes Northeast Tour

Utilizing the ages old tactic of surprise, Hermit Thrushes are TODAY embarking on a mini-tour that will take them north into New York, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Vermont. This tour seems to have materialized without warning so expect the shows to be bursting with life and very, very, Get impulsive! If you need the address for any of these venues, email

09.18.12 Hermit Thrushes Upcoming Shows

After a brief hiatus, Hermit Thrushes is playing a wild volley of shows this month featuring new songs, new instruments, and a new line up including Andrew Keller (Snow Caps) on viola, Daybe L. Byrne (Charmaine's Names) on baritone sax, Spencer Carrow (Glow Tips, Generifus) on keyboard and percussion, Dawn Riddle (Cat Vet, Youthless) on miniature drums, and Yianni Kourmadas singing and playing a modified baglama guitar.

This weird and exciting incarnation will be going on a dainty mini tour this weekend and is opening for Zammuto (new project of the Books member Nick Zammuto) next Saturday at Johnny Brenda's. Catch them if you can!

Hermit Thrushes


09.17.11 Hermit Thrushes Mystery Ocean Album Release & Tour:

We are very proud to announce our release of the new Hermit Thrushes album, Mystery Ocean, which is now available for pre-order and will be officially released on CD and vinyl on September 20, 2011.

Hermit Thrushes are supporting the album with a six-week tour of North America that begins today. Don't miss the chance to catch them in your city!

Mystery Ocean Tour Poster


07.03.11 Edible Onion Fest - July 23, 2011

Come support our sister label, Edible Onion, at their first annual label showcase on Saturday, July 23rd at Danger Danger Gallery in West Philadelphia. Hermit Thrushes, Snow Caps, Power Animal and more!

Edible Onion Fest 2011

Press photos (click to enlarge):
Hermit Thrushes Hermit Thrushes 


potsherd gold meadow

Hermit Thrushes
Potsherd Gold Meadow (2014)
SGMG37 - C24 Cassette Tape

Digging through this dirt in search of your bones or your tools, we have a little hope that you won't be completely forgotten. A jagged keyboard, the pounding of a drum. Recreated lives shimmer in the light in these songs of curiosity and unknown emotional provenance!

Hermit Thrushes Mystery Ocean

Hermit Thrushes
Mystery Ocean (2011)
SGMG19 - CD + 12" VINYL LP

A complex textural pastiche that quickly cycles through sounds, ideas and locations in a baker's dozen of tiny, unlikely art songs. Radio signals and ambient noise bleed through in layers as sad dreams or bad dreams or no dreams squeeze your hand in the dark. Existential anarchism, the sacred nature of food and escapism realized.

CD: $7.00
Vinyl: $10.00

Hermit Thrushes
Wooded Blankets (2010)
SGMG13 - C10 cassette tape

Dozens of drums disappearing and reappearing, sour keyboards and noise guitars. Songs of longing and what could be regret. A new tape and a new tide pulls this music into a different but recognizable place. Spider notes and people lost! in the land they were born in.

The brown cover is the first pressing! (100 copies) SOLD OUT
The blue cover is the second pressing! (200 copies)

Hermit Thrushes
Good Morning Conception Bed (2010)
SGMG11 - C5 cassette tape

The A-side is an intricate fingerpicking song recorded on dirty old 4-track over and over and over again over the course of 24 hours with the help of a home-made chicken/whistle, an antiquated electronic signal generator and some maracas. There are 13 different versions of this tape and 2-5 copies of each one with a grand total of 46 copies. The B-side is a spare landscape populated only by disembodied sections of the song played backwards (as a natural by-product of 4-track recording). This is high-concept, people!

Sold Out

Hermit Thrushes
Slight Fountain (2009)
SGMG04 (JNR36) - CD + 12" vinyl LP

A big, dark tower of noise and field recordings mixed perfectly with dead animals, life on a boat and stories of impossible love and loneliness. Delicate vocals are buried over and over again by jittery guitar parts, warm reeds and baffling drums. Also available on vinyl (courtesy of Slipshod Mucus Kiss!) with two bonus tracks.

CD: $7.00
Vinyl: $10.00

Br'er/Hermit Thrushes
SGMG03 -split 7" VINYL (2008)

Br'er are boo-hoo meets woo-hoo. Hermit Thrushes are a cup of coffee filtered through a rainbow beard. This split is limited to 500 copies and is ALMOST SOLD OUT Get it fast or forever kicketh thineself in the behind. Did I mention they have full-color center labels?


Hermit Thrushes
Benaki (2008)

A bizarre mix of field recordings, demo tapes, folk music and home-studio recordings, Benaki has been receiving critical praise for several hundred years and will continue to burn bright long after the life-span of the human race on this green/blue globe. Horns and reeds, puppy dog seeds.



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