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Ghost Light

Ghost Light Philadelphia


10.26.13 Philadelphia, PA - PhilaMOCA w/ Laser Background, Porches

11.22.13 Philadelphia, PA - The Fire w/ Cymbals Eat Guitars, Grooms

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"Your Caves" from Awful Feelings


01.22.13 Ghost Light Upcoming Shows

It is our pleasure to inform you that Ghost Light will soon be uniting with Brooklyn's Soft Spot for a mini-tour that promises to wow and entertain all in attendance! Shortly following their return to our fair city, Ghost Light will play a Valentine's Day show at Johnny Brenda's with fellow locals Bleeding Rainbow (formerly Reading Rainbow) and Pet Milk. We cannot in good conscience keep these shows a secret, as we for some reason have a vested interest in people enjoying their own lives. Make your plans today!


10.04.12 Ghost Light Tour

Ghost Light will be touring the Eastern United States this month. Along the way they may separate from their known world and selves, undergo a series of tests, receive the aid of a supernatural being or force, experience transcendent love, and confront the ultimate power in their lives. You too can take part in the journey by attending one or more of the shows listed below.

Ghost Light Tour October 2012


01.16.12 Ghost Light Awful Feelings Release & Tour

A new year is upon us and with it comes newness in all facets of life! It is with honor and pride that we announce the addition of a new artist to our ever-blossoming roster. Welcome, Ghost Light!

Ghost Light's new EP, Awful Feelings, is a beguilingly catchy and beautiful account of letting go of the past. This EP was written and recorded by Barrett Lindgren who has created the perfect atmosphere for his songs, recording them largely in his closet in West Philadelphia in the dead of winter. The cassette, which comes with a free digital download, will be officially released on Valentine's Day 2012 but is now available for pre-order and can be purchased from the band at their upcoming shows.

Ghost Light Press Photo


Ghost Light Awful Feelings Ghost Light
Awful Feelings (2012)
SGMG22 - C16 Cassette Tape + Digital Download

Careful sounds slowing down and asking questions. Banjo and glockenspiel and drums beating. A steady pulse. Melodies that are sincere and live in the heart. That means catchy. Cold words echoing off of bare floors into caverns and shadow places in every corner of thought. A sad but hopeful world!

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