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Dean Cercone

Dean Cercone

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04.17.16 Brooklyn, NY - Tarot Society w/ Frank Hurricane, Cookie Tongue, Santiparro

04.26.16 Sacramento, CA - 1017 V. St. w/ Pregnant, Doofy Doo

05.14.16 Brooklyn, NY - The Gateway w/ Terry and the Cops, Otra Pipi, Ereptile Destruction

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"Reflection of You" by Dean Cercone

"Before Your Eyes Began to Change" by Dean Cercone


11.19.13 Dean Cercone Juggling Hot Coals Cassette Release

The limbs are outstretched, the voices are reflected, the walls lend an echo. Here is Dean Cercone. The humming builds around him until, suddenly, a melody emerges. Texture or a smoke conceals and now, Juggling Hot Coals.

Juggling Hot Coals is Dean Cercone's most cohesive and powerful recording to date. Its entrancing sounds are now harnessed and available on cassette tape (with digital download). This is the follow-up to Dean's fantastic, out-of-print split with Skinless Boneless and his rare 20010 LP. Copies are limited!

Dean Cercone Juggling Hot Coals


10.28.13 Preview of Juggling Hot Coals by Dean Cercone

Our relationship with musician and visual artist Dean Cercone began nearly two years ago when we released the fantastic Dean Cercone / Skinless Boneless split cassette tape. At that time it seemed written in the stars that we would be presented with an equally fantastic full-length album from Dean someday. Let us fall further down the well! Paraphrase: Someday is Now! Paraphrase: Juggling Hot Coals is Dean Cercone's fine-tuned restatement of themes and images; a new album that further develops his intense, personal language and allows room to reinterpret his previous music. How can you say no to progress and perspective?

Juggling Hot Coals will be released on November 19th and we really couldn't be happier.

Dean Cercone

02.04.12 Dean Cercone / Skinless Boneless
Split Tape

February is here, it's cold, we're hanging out inside and listening to tons of awesome music! All the way from scenic Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania comes this, our newest of split cassette tapes.

Dean Cercone's songs sadly echo and flow throughout his side as a shadowy saxophone bellows in the distance. His live performance style (where he plays drums, guitar, sings and manipulates a PA) is beautifully captured here as are his paintings, featured in two different but equally desirable versions of the cover art.

Skinless Boneless are a relative mystery to all. Their sound lives in some strange borderland where Arab on Radar, Nirvana and Captain Beefheart meet. Also it's kinda heavy. Also, it's kinda skuzzy. Also, it's really smart. Basically, that means you can listen to it forever and be happy.

Both sides were recorded to 8-track tape by legendary Pittsburgh engineer, Brian Hecht!

Dean Cercone Skinless Boneless
photo by Richard Magnelli


Dean Cercone
Juggling Hot Coals (2013)
SGMG32 - Cassette Tape + Digital Download

A shaker shaking in a shaky way to the beat of a bruised drum. A voice or a false voice? It's an echo so that you're sure when the heart is crying or when the mind is. Okay, now we're all part of one feeling and it's a hypnotic thing so why don't we embrace it in a trance or in sober reality as the door to a big world of sorts?


Dean Cercone
Dean Cercone / Skinless Boneless (2012)
SGMG21 - C19 Cassette Tape

The recordings of Pittsburgh's Dean Cercone and Skinless Boneless act as strange and perfect foils to one another on this enlightening cassette tape experience. Dean Cercone is one of this realm's holiest visitors. The instruments he touches speak very special and very secret words directly into the ear of eternity while his actual words come from deep within and immediately sublime when spoken! On the other side, the air-tight compositions of Skinless Boneless burst into being and disappear like seven little matches lit in a row. A blur of drums and a river of curious guitar strings underneath inspired, and possibly beer-fueled, vocals. Two versions of the cover art exist and legend has it that owning both versions allows one to summon forth great elementals from the forest world.