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03.17.15 Philadelphia, PA - Kung Fu Necktie w/ Jeff Zeigler, Gardener, Devine Circles + Lunar Creature

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"Anna" from Ignore That Noise

"Above the Sky" from Ignore That Noise

"These Kids" from Scott Churchman

"Geese" from Scott Churchman


03.15.13 Scott Churchman Ignore That Noise Cassette Release

As a storm moves in or a shadow creeps up, Scott Churchman's new album, Ignore That Noise, is now upon us! We are both joyous and solemn, for we've yearned to haunt others with these uncanny snapshots of horrors and hexes, real and imagined.

The music is, as ever, spare and beautiful, unique as it is unnerving. It's bound to rest in the waking and dreaming mind alike.

02.08.13 First Single From Ignore That Noise By Scott Churchman

The void left in the wake of Scott Churchman's last album (2010's self-titled album, SGMG07) is considerable. After a long wait, his new album, Ignore That Noise, is slated for release on cassette tape and digital download March 5th, 2013. It's reliably dark and careful while still stretching itself into jarring new forms, as one may expect from such a cloudy wonder of a man.

"Above The Sky," the first single from Ignore That Noise, is as deliberate and unnerving as it is evocative. But evocative of what? The unknown? Fear in general? We do not know. The emotion is there but a fog prevails. Sounds roll steadily along like hooves over cobblestone and curtains, waves of deep mystery bloom and recede.

Press photos (click to enlarge):
Scott Churchman Press Photo


Ignore That Noise Scott Churchman Scott Churchman
Ignore That Noise (2013)
SGMG29 - C31 Cassette Tape + Digital Download

Steady and spare, with silence hanging closely. A rock thrown in a lake ripples out as a crease. The feelings are unreal and detached and deep and this string is for brooding, this drum is heavy. The songs are perfect and hold your body like a coat. Winter is always here!



Tape loops, upright bass, human voices all spinning around slowly, slowly in a sad collection of songs like the heavy snows of so many winters passed. Beautiful melodies whispering around and disappearing in punk-length vignettes that have more feeling and care than longer compositions ever could. Raw and real but secret and wonderful!