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09.20.13 Philadelphia, PA - PhilaMOCA Mausoleum Party


03.08.12 Charmaine's Names Cassette & Zine Release

We are honored and humbled this month to make public the release of a new cassette by the avant-lounge legends Charmaine's Names. With rare exception, Charmaine and his cadre of musical associates have eluded those who wish to record and endlessly listen back to their moments of brilliance. However, as if a gift from on high, we have been presented (and thus present to you) the first (or so) proper document of this alluring, sumptuous and unforgettable marvel of a band. Additionally, hyper-talented fine artist Bonnie Brenda Scott (who one may know from her involvment with Space 1026 or her seemingly innumerable exhibitions) has created an amazing, abstract companion zine to the tape. It's loaded with original drawings and scintillating photographs that couldn't even begin to disappoint.

To ring in the new tape and zine, Charmaine's Names will be taking their message on the road and ministering to the greater Northeast along with Philadelphia's wild and wonderful Upholstery. Believe me when I say that seeing is believing and flesh doesn't lie.


Charmaine's Names
SGMG20 - C13 Cassette Tape + Zine (2012)

Infinitely sexual, socially conscious, primitive lounge music. Deftly executed 4-track compositions become a gold chain, tape hiss and noise are a lush velvet! Charmaine delivers a bevy of insights, intimations and innuendos with a robust machismo that is at once shameless and enthralling. Deny it now, come crawling back later. This is charming, confounding and, above all, inescapable.

Also available with an accompanying zine created by visual arts wildcard Bonnie Brenda Scott. The loud sights and bright sounds resultant from this combination are certifiably somewhat guaranteed to figuratively blow one's mind over and over, repeatedly, ad infinitum. The zine is fantastic and, thus, in quite short supply so hesitate not!

Cassette Tape + Zine: $8.00
Cassette Tape Only: $4.00